Election Study 1999


This election study was conducted as a two-wave panel. The first phase was carried out in face-to-face interviews between April 4 and May 14, 1999. The second phase consisted of telephone interviews carried out between May 21-27, right after the election day (May 17). The study investigated attitudes towards the peace process, state and religion, democracy, evaluation of parties and candidates, and electoral behavior. The field work was carried out by Mahshov Research Institute. Jewish voters were interviewed in Hebrew, and Arab voters in Arabic.


Eligible voters in Israel.


A proportional stratified sample of the population (N=1,075 Jews and 150 Arabs) with locality type strata and locality clusters; first phase: N=1, 225; post-election phase: N=535.

Principal Investigators

Asher Arian
Michal Shamir